19 March 2024

BioResearch Pharma’s CEO, Łukasz Zybaczyński keynote speaker at CEBioForum 2024 in Warsaw

Łukasz Zybaczyński, CEO and co-founder of BioResearch Pharma will be delivering a keynote speech at CEBioForum 2024, hosted by the Biotechnology Industry Organization. The event, a cornerstone for biotech professionals, will take place on March 27 at 9:30 am in Cambridge Innovation Center in Warsaw. The keynote, titled “Shorter Pathway to Drug Innovations: 3x Faster and Less Expensive,” will shed light on repurposing that accelerates the drug innovation process, making it faster, less costly, and with a higher probability of technological and regulatory success (PTRS). Łukasz Zybaczyński will explore the transformative potential of alternative strategies in drug development, drawing from his extensive experience and BRP’s approach to repurposing known substances with a focus on dermatological treatments.

Lukasz Zybaczynski, CEO and manager with many years of international experience at major global pharmaceutical corporations such as Eli Lilly, known for drugs such as Humalog and Trulicity; Merck & Co. the makers of a key cancer drug called Keytruda and the hair loss drug Propecia; and Germany’s Merck KGaA, known for Vigantoletten or Femibion in pre-natal care.

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