About BioResearch Pharma

Our goal is to improve the quality of life for patients.

We understand that hair loss and skin conditions can profoundly affect self-confidence and quality of life. Living with skin conditions can be challenging, which is why we are dedicated to creating effective topical dermatology treatments.

We focus on improving the lives of individuals facing hair loss and chronic skin conditions, like psoriasis. At the heart of our mission is the drive to enhance quality of life through innovative treatment solutions. We aim to deliver safer, more effective therapies faster at lower cost and risk by leveraging repurposed drugs rather than through new drug development. Our dedication to research and development reflects our commitment to addressing unmet medical needs, making a tangible difference in the lives of many patients.

Dermatology repurposing

Discovery of a molecule with the potential to become a medicinal product and convert it into an approved drug takes 12-17 years and costs around USD 2 billion . Along the development path, technological, regulatory, and scientific risks are very high, such that only one in 10 000 discovered molecules make it to the market and has the chance to improve lives.

Drug repurposing is a proven strategy for bringing new treatments to market faster, requiring less investment and with a much higher probability of success. At its core, it involves using already approved active pharmaceutical ingredients to treat different diseases from those they are currently used for.

This is critical. Since these substances are already approved, they have been extensively tested in clinical trials and proven to be safe and beneficial in humans. Therefore, repurposed treatments can reach human trials and obtain market authorization faster than new chemical entities , they require substantially less cost, and have a much higher probability of success.


BioResearch Pharma is strategically building a development pipeline in dermatologic diseases with unmet medical needs. Currently available treatments for these conditions have limited efficacy and/or a suboptimal safety profile.

Our core development programs are based upon the idea of drug repurposing, reaching patients faster and with less associated cost and risk than newly discovered molecules. In addition, all our investigational products have potential to be used in additional major dermatology indications. Clinical proof of concept has already been established in our two leading indications.

Our strategy is based on the "3x less" principle
3 x Less Time

The development process for repurposed drugs is significantly shorter than that of new chemical entities . Instead of the 12-17 years typically required for NCEs, repurposed drugs can be brought to market in just 3-5 years. This accelerated timeline is due to a shorter regulatory pathway, as the safety profiles of the repurposed solutions have already been established.1

3 x Less Risk

The repurposing strategy inherently carries less risk. It has a higher probability of success, and easier registration than in case of new drugs. Lower risk is supported by a favorable regulatory environment for repurposed dermatology topical drugs eg. 505(b)(2) in US and the hybrid pathway in EU. Repurposed dermatology treatments have one of the highest probability of technological and regulatory success (PTRS).2

3 x Less Cost

The cost of developing repurposed drugs is significantly lower - over 3 times compared to new chemical entities. The repurposed drugs have already undergone extensive research and development, are highly effective and well tested with confirmed safety in humans. Additionally, shorter development process and a higher probability of approval reduce financial expenditure.1

Leadership Team

Łukasz Zybaczyński
Chief Executive Officer
Katarzyna Koziak
Chief Scientific Officer leading R&D
Robert Litka
Chief Financial Officer, Management Board Member
Maciej Wierzbicki, PhD

Supervisory Board

Marian Popinigis
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, strategic investor of BRP
Jan Kospin
Member of the Supervisory Board
Mateusz Zybaczyński
Member of the Supervisory Board
Prof. Mariusz Gujski, M.D., Ph.d.
Member of the Supervisory Board, co-founder of BRP
Bartosz Krzesiak
Bartosz Krzesiak
Member of the Supervisory Board
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